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We Offer A Myriad of Training Events/Opportunities for Our Professional Players (And Our Youth Trainees)

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  We train our professional players in order to help them to continue to develop as players and to ameliorate their performance on the field.  In particular, we provide, semi-annually, at least two Pro-Soccer Combines.  The training in such combine-event includes: (i) fitness training, (ii) speed and agility training, (iii) on-the-field training sessions focusing on technical skills and tactical situations, and (iv) remote film-study sessions.  (Most of our players whom are playing in top European clubs have invested in themselves and have attended either our Pro-Soccer Combine or a bespoke, personal training session.) See the video testimonials of Taryn Jakubowski and Amanda Visco.

O.R.T.A. Professional Soccer Academy

  The Academy is a select, travel-soccer team, which has a 3-phased training program: (i) 30-days of remote (heart-rate monitor) fitness training; (ii) 30-days of technical and tactical training as a team in Arlington/Fairfaix, VA; and (iii) 30-days of soccer in Spain, where our Academy players get to showcase their skills and abilities playing against the top teams in the Liga Iberdrola (Division I in Spain) and in the Reto Iberdrola (Division II in Spain).  We select top-shelf players to participate in the O.R.T.A. Professional Soccer Academy, which, in 2021, will have permanent facilities in Spain.   Our selection is based, in part, on a player's soccer C.V. (including her NCAA accolades) and/or on her international experience, including her performance playing abroad,

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Personal Training - Pro Players

 We provide elite-level training camps for professional players (i.e., players that have played NCAA College Soccer and have recently graduated, or those veteran players whom have played already in Europe or in the NWSL but feel that they need a competitive training event).  We do so in order to help them to continue improve their development and their performance on the field. In particular, we provide technical and tactical instruction in two different ways: (i) on-the-field sessions and (ii) remote, online, film-study instruction.  These training camps focus on honing technical skills that are necessary to succeed playing professional soccer in Europe and to prepare our players for the challenges and the adversity that they will face abroad.

Preparation - Player Identification Camps

 We also provide customized training sessions for elite-level amateur (youth) players whom are selected to attend Player Identification Programs or Training Camps.  We prepare players for (i) ECNL PDP tryouts; (ii) ODP State-Team tryouts; (iii) ODP Region-Team tryouts; (iv) ODP/U.S. Youth Soccer National Training Camps; or (v) U.S. Soccer National Training Camps.  We have a great track-record of success in preparing these amateur players for the rigors and pressures entailed by such state, regional, and national identification platforms or events. 

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Elite Training Camp - Amateur Players

  We provide elite-level training camps for amateur players (i.e., youth kids, ages 10-18). Such training camps are unique because they occur on a weekend commensurate with the occurrence of a pro-soccer training camp and it allows such amateur players to interact with professional players.  Those amateurs who attend such camps get to meet, get to train with, and get to be coached by, our professional players, as well as by top-level foreign coaches that we invite to these camps.

Personal Training - Youth Players

 We also provide personal, bespoke training for amateur (youth) players -- ages 10 to 18.  Our customized training sessions will allow players of any level to improve their soccer-specific fitness, hone their technical skills, and augment their soccer IQ, which will ultimately allow such player to reach a higher (elite) level.  In particular, we provide soccer-specific drills that will make such player fit, as well as technical and tactical instruction in the same way as we do for professionals, except that the intesity, frequency and volume of the drills differs and is adjusted downward to be age-appropriate.  These training sessions include, mainly, (i) on-the-field sessions but also (ii) remote, online, film-study instruction.  The focus, for the most part, is on ball mastery and honing technical skills that are necessary to become an elite soccer player at any level.  

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